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Dr. Rajka is your Functional Medicine Doctor For Integrative, Holistic Care in Chicago – Call: 331-472-7422

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD,  IFMCP, ABFM, ABIHM is an American Board Certified Family Physician with 16 years of practice experience. Dedicated to family and functional medicine and bridging the gap between allopathic and holistic medicine. This integrative patient-centered approach to healing offers more extensive diagnostic and treatment options needed to overcome chronic disorders. Dr. Rajka works with patients to reverse chronic health conditions using Functional Medicine. This integrative patient-centered approach to healing offers more extensive diagnostic and treatment options, compared to a traditional allopathic consultation. Dr. Rajka will analyze digestive, immune, hormonal (endocrine) and neurological body symptoms to identify the root cause of your disease or condition. Dr. Rajka specializes in helping clients heal from autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism, fatigue and many other disorders that Functional Medicine is best suited to treat. Simply Health Institute is conveniently located in Naperville, her clinic is a short commute from both Oak Brook and nearby Chicago, IL.


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Dr. Rajka's Story

From multiple symptoms and disease to optimal wellness.

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In life it is a fine balance. Particularly, when you are a “CEO” whether it is of your home or of your office. Perhaps even more so when you are a mother. Being a mother can take an emotional and physical toll. My goal through these posts is to empower and inspire you to be…

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What the heck is functional medicine?

Welcome to my website and my very first post. I am so excited to get this launched. My transition into Functional Medicine has been “life altering”. I have been able to transform the health of many a patient, which wasn’t always the case using only my traditional allopathic training. Yesterday, at the end of an…

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