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How Dr. Rajka will get you to your optimal Health when most doctors can’t?

Are you a motivated individual and want to ensure you and your family stay healthy by learning the latest cutting edge information about prevention?

Or are you a competitive athlete and want to to ensure you compete at your maximal potential?

Have you struggled with chronic fatigue? Headaches? Not being able to lose weight? Low Sex Drive? Or unexplained symptoms?

Do you feel like you are not getting anywhere when you see the doctor?

Do you want to be empowered to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Empowered to compete faster, harder, better?

Dr. Rajka will provide you the latest information so you can optimize your health.

Dr. Rajka will also provide tips on how to avoid environmental exposures, which can put your health at risk.

She will explain common nutrient deficiencies that can occur despite a “healthy” diet.

Often times mainstream (allopathic) medicine fails patients.  Dr. Rajka knows as she has been on both sides.  She will help bridge the gap between mainstream medicine and holistic medicine via functional medicine.

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 What Other People Say about Dr. Rajka

 A skilled diagnostician,she also knows the power of human touch to bring comfort, of human connectivity as a path to wellness.

S.D. D.D. & J.H. – Missouri


“Her patients absolutely love her.” 

Albert Yuen, M.D. Family Medicine Physician Western Washington Medical Group


“She has a strong commitment to high level of practice, quality management and maintenance of competence, as well as an upbeat personality.”

Arthur Grossman, M.D.  Family Medicine Physician, Western Washington Medical Group.


“Her patients all appreciated how much she actually listened to their needs and always made sure that she followed up with them on the progress of their care. 

Carla Dewolf, Clinic Administrator Western Washington Medical Group


“Dr. Rajka is not only an outstanding physician, but also a savvy businesswoman and community leader.  

Christina M. Zini, Founder, Qatar Professional Women’s Network, Coach & Consultant, she dreams big


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About Dr. Rajka

Hi!  My name is Rajka Milanovic Galbraith.  My first name is pronounced: “Ryka” I am an American board certified family physician with over 15 years of practice experience in 2 countries and 7 different cities. I completed my formal training at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and my family medicine residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, OH.

The early years of my practice were spent doing “seemingly” it all: obstetrics, inpatient medicine, outpatient medicine, emergency medicine, and performing most minor surgical procedures in a progressive practice outside of Seattle.  These early years were wonderful.  However, I always felt like there was something missing.  A small percentage of patients went undiagnosed as if I didn’t have enough tools in my toolbox.  Having long wanted to incorporate holistic medicine into my practice, I finally found it in the field of Functional Medicine, which marries the two fields.  I know this will be the wave of the future and am currently working toward certification in Functional Medicine.

My impetus for holistic medicine started with my parents’ Eastern European remedies to treat us as children, think of the father character in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” None of my siblings or I will ever forget having lard mixed with chopped garlic rubbed onto our feet to “draw out” the fever.  In the NW, I frequently collaborated with Naturopaths and even mentored Naturopathic Medical Students from Bastyr.

Sadly, I have seen first hand what happens when medicine is too much one-way or the other. I observed countless cases during my training and practice when allopathic medicine was too heavily relied upon, when medication side effects led to adverse outcome and sometimes death.  And unfortunately, I personally witnessed the much too early demise of my father at the age of 58 when his familial hyperlipidemia was treated “naturally” for a decade. At the time of death his blood was lipemic (yellow in color) because his cholesterol was so high. He would have clearly benefited from a combined allopathic/holistic approach, as the natural treatment he was receiving was not enough.

I have two kids, am married and am soon to be joining a functional medicine group.  More on this later!

When I am not running after my kids or seeing patients you can find me reading, writing,  hiking, biking, and skiing or in a downward dog. My writing has appeared in magazines (Women Today), Kevin MD, For Bloggers by Bloggers and has been published in two charitable books. I have spoken to all ages from Pre-K to adult.


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