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Giving Back

I am passionate about giving back particularly when it comes to women and children.  I would like to see everyone empowered to live a healthy life and have access to good medical care.  Therefore, a portion of the proceeds of this website will go to charity.  Additionally, if and when I start offering virtual consultations, I would like to offer a free consultation with lab work yearly to someone in need.


Since my early days of donating to “Make A Wish” Foundation to later raising $5000 USD with a group of 10 women to take to Ethiopia to Katherine Hamlin’s Fistula Hospital and to the Yzelelalem Minch Orphanage, I am even more inspired to give back.


Here are a list of organizations I support

The Fistula Foundation

Yezelalem Minch Orphanage

Make a Wish

Dr Hawa Abdi Foundation

Cynthia Moyano for Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA)


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