Starting out in Functional Medicine can be challenging. Attending conferences is one thing but applying the principles on Monday morning is another.

  • Are you interested in using Functional Medicine in your practice but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you need someone to bounce cases off of in the form of a mentor?
  • Have you looked for a mentor online but either come up with no one or have found a mentor that is too cost prohibitive?

If so, then read on.

I was in your shoes back in 2012. When I first started training in functional medicine, I did not have a mentor. However, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor very soon after. My mentor was built within the group I joined. I was able to review every single case with my mentor for 3 months. The ability to review cases with someone who was a seasoned practitioner skyrocketed my ability to practice functional medicine. This group sadly doesn’t exist any longer and was truly one of a kind.

In order to spread the word about functional medicine, we need more practitioners. All of us have gotten into functional medicine because traditional approaches were not enough to cure or even begin to heal our patients. That is why I am committed to teaching others at an affordable rate. Less than 6 months into functional medicine training, I mentored an NP student. She saw the results I was getting and joined our practice. She very quickly became a very adept practitioner. Soon after, I had other colleagues knocking on my office door to review cases. At times it was like a revolving door of colleagues. But, I thrive on this sharing of knowledge and truly enjoy teaching. That is why I am currently mentoring others.


  • Learn where to start
  • Case based learning reviewing your cases
  • Learn my favorite supplements and how too many supplements can back fire
  • Tips and tricks to gain trust so there is “buy in” so you can actually fix the upstream causes
  • Learn when to order labs from your local lab and when specialty tests are needed
  • Learn how to navigate around not being able to order any labs at all


  • Anyone interested in fully implementing functional medicine into their practices: PA’s, NP’s, nutritionists, MD/DO’s, DC etc.


  • Through secure HIPPA compliant videoconferencing using Vsee technology
  • Calls can be recorded and sent to you so you can focus on key points during the call and not have to take notes
  • As little or as often you want: scheduling is at your discretion or buy a package of sessions


  • IFM certified 2016
  • ABIHM certified in 2015
  • Sought after by my colleagues to review cases
  • Voracious reader and learner
  • Special interests in Women and Children, GI, Autoimmune, Methylation (trained with both Ben Lynch and Amy Yasko) and so much more

Photo of me teaching my fellow colleagues Methylation (On a Friday night late into the night. Well just because!)


TESTIMONIALS (click here to read more)

“Rajka makes learning interesting, fun, and easy (well, easier!). During the year I had the great fortune of working alongside her in functional medicine, I was a newbie, coming from traditional medicine, and it was like learning a brand new language. Rajka’s door was ALWAYS open, even if she was with a patient, knee-deep in work, or on her way out the door. Not only would she graciously and willingly let me barge in and ask questions – anything from the simple to the incredibly complex – she did it with the patience of a saint and in language she tailored to the recipient’s skill level. She also led several of our practitioners’ meetings, where we would either dive into a specific topic/segment of medicine/illness/ailment, or discuss case studies. Rajka’s leadership and wide scope of both knowledge and experience speaks to her passion for medicine and teaching, and her eagerness to help us all become our best selves. Now that we are separated by many states, and practicing different styles of medicine, I truly miss the opportunities to learn from Rajka. It is a blessing and privilege to call her a mentor. Do not walk, but RUN for the chance to work with Rajka!”

Nicole Pichette, NP Boston, MA

Two Options Available:

1-Hour Mentoring Sessions

  • Schedule when you need and or have a few cases to review
  • $300/ hour

A Package of 4 Sessions

  • Pay upfront and receive 10% off: $1080 instead of $1200

Pay in 3 monthly installments of $333.33: you will be invoiced monthly (COMING SOON!)

Feel free to message me general questions: doctorrajka at
If your still not sure then we can jump on a 15-minute call during my consulting hours and see if it is a good fit.

Disclaimer: My teaching does not constitute a doctor patient relationship with your patient. Please do not advertise my review as part of your services. Case review is in the general sense and meant to serve as guidance to further your knowledge. My input is limited to the information provided to me and as such if information is left off then the whole picture is harder to interpret. It depends on your thorough knowledge and presentation of the case.


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