The concept of stylishly healthy was born when I was brainstorming what I represented and what my brand would represent.  I was struggling to pinpoint the exact “what” the branding would be.  Then I received an email from Christina Zini of  “she dreams big” who was coaching me at the time about how she perceived my personal style.  I was awed by her words.  Here is a snippet of that email:


After our call, I was reflecting on how I perceive your personal brand, and what came to mind is the word  “style”– you do everything with style:  “medicine with style,” “wellness with style,” “health care with style,” “parenting with style,” “entertaining with style,” “dressing with style,” etc.   In addition to your professional knowledge and experience, you also have that “personal flair” — that inner and outer beauty which attracts people.  You have that “star quality” about you!  The other words that came to mind when I thought about your “style” as a doctor (and friend) are:  warm, personable, compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, encouraging, reassuring, gracious, generous, inspiring and motivating.  You really have a way of connecting with the hearts of your patients, putting them at ease and helping them to feel supported, reassured and motivated.”


From there, Stylishly healthy was born.


In medicine, my style is to continually learn to provide the best care possible for my patients and to make each patient feel like they are my only patient; a highly individualized approach.  I believe my style is why my practices have filled very quickly.


Here is what I would like to for it to mean to you.


 ♦Empower you to be Stylishly healthy: a Healthy that becomes effortless

 ♦Teach you how to make it effortless if you don’t already know

 ♦Target things in your personal medical and family history which if known can be prevented.

 ♦Inform you of the latest findings: laboratory tests or otherwise to keep you healthy.


Many of us are so caught up in the “day to day” that wellness falls on the wayside.  The urgent trumps the workout let alone having time to meditate and reflect.  From the countless patients I have consulted with, it is evident that lifestyle and environment is not accepted as being responsible for their symptoms or illnesses.  Today’s “Processed World”: think processed food, processed home ware, etc, is having a profound impact on our health.  It is time that we take back our health.


Won’t you join me in being “Stylishly Healthy?”


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