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Unlock the power of your body and mind with Dr. Rajka Milanovic Galbraith's life-changing 3-D energy protocol. This book provides an easy-to-follow plan to reclaim the vibrant energy of your younger years from the boardroom to the bedroom! Through her powerful and proven strategies, you'll learn how to craft a diet specific to your genetics, optimize your digestion, detoxify your body, and more. Rejuvenate your life with Dr. Rajka's inspiring and relatable stories of her own journey, from nearly being robbed of her dreams to ultimate success.

Are you tired of:

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    Being tired but being told nothing is wrong with you?

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    Seeing multiple doctors and not getting answers?

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    Having brain fog or not being able to focus?

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    Not being able to lose weight no matter what you do?

If so, please know you are not alone…

In my 24 years of working with patients, the above four are the most common complaints.

The good news is you can do something about this now, not someday!

You don’t have to accept fatigue as a normal part of life.

And even if you don’t identify as fatigued, most people will acclimate to a lower level of energy without EVEN realizing it!


I’m Dr. Rajka!


I’m the founder of the Simply Health Institute and the originator of the 3D Protocol.

In 1997, when I started in private practice , fatigue was the primary reason patients came to see me. Little did I know, I too would battle an autoimmune disease that caused constant fatigue - you are welcome to read my story here.

I imagine though, what you would really like to know is…

What you can do about the symptoms that are keeping you from the relationships, life, and career that you want, need, and deserve.

Firstly - there is no magic pill! Healing is not linear - there will be peaks and valleys. And you’ve got to go beyond testing and supplementing to explore all the possible factors that may be holding you back. From working with thousands of people all over the world, I can tell you that surprisingly, it may not be what you think!

Most of the time, the hardest task is not regulating your symptoms - but regulating your thoughts, behaviors, and daily actions!

Are you willing to explore the reasons that have contributed to your unwellness and take action with the guidance of a doctor and a national board certified health and wellness coach?

Feel free to pick one of the below options to find the resource that is most timely and relevant for you.


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