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Moms: Put your oxygen masks on first

In life it is a fine balance. Particularly, when you are a “CEO” whether it is of your home or of your office. Perhaps even more so when you are a mother. Being a mother can take an emotional and physical toll. My goal through these posts is to empower and inspire you to be…

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What your doctor won’t tell you about preventing breast cancer: a functional medicine approach

As we wrap up October, I have finally had a chance to reflect on breast cancer awareness. While I wish I was able to say I haven’t known anyone with breast cancer, unfortunately it’s not the case. In addition to my patients, it’s sad that I have seemingly lost count on the number of people…

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What the heck is functional medicine?

Welcome to my website and my very first post. I am so excited to get this launched. My transition into Functional Medicine has been “life altering”. I have been able to transform the health of many a patient, which wasn’t always the case using only my traditional allopathic training. Yesterday, at the end of an…

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