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Skyrocket Your Functional Medicine Practice

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    Are you a health coach, PA, NP, nutritionist/dietician, MD/DO, or DC?

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    Are you interested in using Functional Medicine in your practice but don’t know where to begin?

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    Or have you reached a plateau with what you know and want to go to the next level?

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    Do you need someone to bounce cases off of?

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    Have you looked for a mentor online but either come up with no one or have found a mentor that is too cost-prohibitive?

If so, then read on!

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Starting out in Functional Medicine can be a challenge.

Attending conferences is one thing, but applying the principles on Monday morning before you’ve had your coffee is another.

I was in your shoes back in 2012. I attended my first Functional Medicine conference: IFM’s AFMCP. It was like drinking from a fire hose.

I had no idea where to begin.

Even as I progressed through the advanced modules, I was still stumped on how to apply what I learned in my practice despite having spent thousands of dollars and many hours in education and training. I began by dissecting each lecture, but it took up to 12 hours to draft a protocol that was usable, and even then, I was unsure.  As fate would have it, just as I found functional medicine and began training, I became very sick.

However, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who reviewed my cases with me - for 3 months!

The ability to review cases with a seasoned practitioner was unlike any lecture I’ve attended or protocol I’ve certified in - and trust me, there have been quite a few!

With the guidance and support of a qualified and experienced mentor, I was able to think outside of the box, navigate complex cases and explode my practice much sooner than I expected. I could finally tell patients what was keeping them stuck. And I no longer had to preface my workup of fatigue with the following statement: “Most of the time labs are normal -  you should consider that you might have underlying depression!” Today, I cannot even imagine saying this to someone.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that all of us have gotten into functional medicine because traditional approaches were not enough to address or even begin to heal our patients. And I’m pleased to tell you (and your bank account) that you don’t have to spend another 6 years (or 6 figures) figuring it all out on your own. You can, but you certainly don’t need to!

Soon after, I had other colleagues knocking on my office door to review cases.

At times, it was a revolving door of colleagues, but I thrive on sharing knowledge and I truly enjoy teaching - even if on a Friday late at night! 

Functional Medicine Training Services Chicago IL - Methylation

Less than 6 months into functional medicine training, I mentored an NP student as she was about to graduate.

She saw the results I was getting and joined our practice where she quickly became a very adept practitioner!


A few short years later, I was one of ONLY a dozen physicians chosen to be a mentor by IFM for their mentorship program.

Here’s the deal

In order to spread the word about functional medicine, we need more practitioners. That is why I am committed to teaching others and sharing everything I know!

My 1:1 mentorship and upcoming group mentoring are perfect if you want to:

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    Know where to start in half the time!

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    Enjoy the benefit of case based learning.

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    Learn my go-to supplements and how excessive supplementing can backfire.

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    Get tips on how to establish trust with ease so your client will commit and engage..

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    Decipher when to order from your local lab and when specialty tests are needed.

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    Learn how to navigate through possibly not being able to order any labs.

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    Learn how to interpret genetics or reverse engineer even WITHOUT the genetic report.

So, how does it work?

Call Method

Every call is done through video conferencing.

Calls Recorded

So you can focus on key points instead of scrambling to take notes.

Schedule at your pace!

You’re also welcome to bundle your sessions for additional savings.

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How can I help?

1-Hour Mentoring Sessions

$750 / hour
  • Schedule as needed.

4 Mentoring Sessions

  • Get 10% off! Usually $3000

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Teachings do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship with your patient. Do not advertise my review as part of your services. Case review is in the general sense and meant to serve as guidance to further your knowledge. Input is limited to the information provided to me and as such if any information is left off then the whole picture is harder to interpret. All feedback depends on your thorough knowledge and presentation of the case.